Social Media Slidedeck

Posted on August 3rd, 2011 by - Comments Off on Social Media Slidedeck

We deliver a lot of social media training sessions direct to businesses and as part of wider digital marketing courses. Enclosed here is a social media slidedeck that walks through the importance of planning your social media strategy – looking before you leap. In the course of the presentation, we highlight the need to know what your business objectives are, exactly who it is you are targeting, what channels you are going using to engage with these audiences, what content you are going to use to get their interest (taking a cold hard look at your content and will anyone be really interested in it), ┬áis there customer/prospect activation points built into your content (its business after all, you need someone to take an action at some point). We go through case studies of businesses using certain platforms. Feel free to go through it or download it, and get back with comments. If you want to talk to us directly about any of the points covered, feel free to contact us.

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