Introduction to using WordPress Course

WordPress as a CMS and Blogging Platform

Who’s this course for and what are its business objectives

  • This course is designed for marketers, owner-managers of businesses, communicators and professionals who want to learn how to use the platform to publish content for their website.
  • It will also teach users some basic digital media skills such as editing photographs, uploading videos, and capturing audio content
  • It will demonstrate to users how to set up and configure a site
  • It will teach participants how to manage the look and feel of a site
  • How to map a registered domain to a site

Overview of Course Content

  • How to manage Digital Media files (images, videos, audio)
  • How to register a WordPress site through
  • Walk through and practical application of using WordPress Interface to create posts, pages and manage comments,
  • Using digital media in pages and posts (Inserting and formatting Images, using the WYSIWYG editor)
  • Walk through of how to choose, change and edit WordPress themes
  • How to create Menu systems in WordPress
  • Embedding Video Pages and Posts
  • How to connect a WordPress with other social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter
  • How to embed content from external sites (YouTube and Flickr)
Digital Marketing Lecturer:
Keith Feighery
Linked In
Keith is a leading Digital Marketing Trainer and Digital Strategist with over 15 years developing digital marketing programmes ... Read more