Advanced WordPress Course

Building Self-Hosted WordPress Sites

Who’s this course for and what are its objectives:

  • This course is designed for digital marketers, owner-managers and designers to teach them the technical and functional skills to deploy and manage a WordPress system as their website.
  • The course will demonstrate how to register a website and manage a website’s infrastructure
  • It will equip participants with skills in how to deploy a WordPress system
  • Teach participants how to customise and extend the functionality of WordPress
  • Teach participants how to use WordPress as an integrated blogging platform

Overview of Course Content

  • How to register a domain name and manage a website hosting configuration
  • How to deploy WordPress on a local server (MAMP, WAMP, XAMP)
  • Using ftp clients to upload a WordPress website to a hosted server
  • How to set your WordPress site live
  • Using WordPress plugins and widgets to extend functionality
  • Changing and customising WordPress themes
  • Using WordPress as a Content Management System
  • How to optimise a WordPress site to rank well in search engines
  • How to ensure WordPress installation is secure
  • How to schedule and manage Back-ups for WordPress
Digital Marketing Lecturer:
Keith Feighery
Linked In
Keith is a leading Digital Marketing Trainer and Digital Strategist with over 15 years developing digital marketing programmes ... Read more