Search Engine Optimisation Course

Ensure your site is in the top 3 Results

Who is this course for and what are its objectives

  • The course is targeted towards marketers and business owners looking to drive highly relevant organic traffic to their site.
  • On completion participants will have a clear and reusable framework to continuously build upon and improve their search engine rankings using effective tools to help them along the process.
  • The course will demonstrate how to carry out extensive keyword research
  • Participants will understand all the key search engine ranking factors that determine where a site is located in the Search Engine Rankings Page (SERPs)
  • The course will use case studies to highlight why some websites perform well and others do not.
  • Demonstrate the key skills of creating SEO optimised web content and effective link building
  • Show participants which tools are most effective at building successful SEO programmes

Course Content

  • Introduction and overview of what Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) means
  • Explain some core terminology used in SEO
  • Demonstrate and discuss the need to find highly relevant keywords for a business
  • Walk through of case studies of well optimised sites and poorly optimised sites
  • Discuss and explain the main factors that determine high search engine rankings
  • How to write optimised keyword driven Title and Description tags
  • Explain the importance of link building and how to do it
  • Walk through of highly useful Search Engine Optimisation Tools
  • Demonstrate the importance of creating rich and diverse link building programmes
  • How to create sitemaps and robots.txt
  • Understanding canonical url
  • Demonstrate how to set up and use Google Webmaster Tools
  • Mapping SEO strategies with content strategies
  • How to use Google Analytics and Adwords search query reports to find relevant and irrelevant keywords
Digital Marketing Lecturer:
Keith Feighery
Linked In
Keith is a leading Digital Marketing Trainer and Digital Strategist with over 15 years developing digital marketing programmes ... Read more