Diploma in Online Marketing and Digital Strategy

Who is the Course For:

The course is designed for marketing, PR and sales professionals, as well as business owners and operational resources looking to learn and understand how best to leverage digital channels in order to create awareness about products and services, acquire new customers and to retain existing ones. The course is developed for both B2B and B2C business people and it teaches how best to use highly performing paid online media, as well as developing a rich presence on social media channels and how best to measure and optimise the end to end online experience of your customers.

Course Objectives

  • The aim of the course is to provide participants with a rich set of digital skills to devise, plan and implement an engaging and successful digital strategy that delivers on and supports business objectives.
  • To teach participants how to engage with prospects and customers on new media channels
  • To demonstrate to participants how to develop rich content marketing programmes for both B2B and B2C prospects and clients
  • To enable participants to create a rich ecosystem of online advertising that creates awareness and converts prospects to customers
  • To demonstrate to users how to use opt-in and permission based digital marketing
  • To teach participants how to measure and track the effectiveness of a digital programme
  • To equip participants with the skillset to create a full digital plan that involves conceiving, designing, creating, promoting, executing and measuring a successful launch of an online business, service or product.

Career Prospects

  • Participants who complete the course able to pursue opportunities in: managing online marketing and sales campaigns for large volume trading websites
  • Implement B2B and B2C digital strategies and online marketing programmes,
  • Create, run and manage digital campaigns within an agency environment,
  • Develop careers in PR and communications,
  • Run online advertising campaigns that are optimised to track and deliver conversions, commission and manage the development of commercial websites,
  • Design and manage social media strategies within organisations of all sizes that are inline with corporate goals.

Teaching Styles and Learning Methods

Throughout the programme, a wide range of teaching styles will be used to support the intended learning outcomes

  • Instructor led
  • Classroom-delivery learning model with structured hands-on activities
  • Class Presentations
  • Class discussions
  • Practical Demonstrations
  • Class Presentations
  • Course Work

Overview of Course Content

Developing and Executing a Digital Strategy

  • Understand how to create full lifecycle digital marketing plan
  • Identify overall goals that the organisation wants to achieve through digital campaigns – increase sales, increase brand awareness, demand generation, lead generation etc.
  • Clearly define and understand digital personas of your target audience
  • Research preferences of audience in terms of how they consume digital media
  • Create channel specific strategies for each persona
  • Identify content marketing requirements for target audience according to needs and preferences
  • Create ongoing feedback mechanisms for users – effect changes based on what they like, don’t like
  • How measure effectiveness of digital campaigns

Content Marketing Solutions

  • Differentiate between Inbound and Outbound Marketing strategies
  • Create content marketing strategies per channel and per persona
  • Identify the differences in content marketing strategies for B2B and B2C
  • Identify how to break the buyer life-cycle down into clear stages and understand what content they require at specific stages
  • Understand the different content types that are suitable at specific stages of the customer buying process
  • Learn how to identify which channels and platforms are most appropriate to distributing original and re-purposed content to support demand generation and lead to customer conversions
  • Implement a lead nurturing programme that re-cycles leads that are not sales qualified
  • Analyse how to integrate lead generation programmes data with CRM systems

Online Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Pay Per Click Marketing
  • Key Word Management
  • Display Advertisement
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Podcasting
  • Blogging
  • Webinar

Effective Use of Social Media

  • Overview of Social Media and its potential
  • In depth look at core number of social media platforms and channels
  • How to identify relevant social media channels for your business
  • Understand impact that social media is having on online behavioural habits
  • Benefits of using social platforms for business
  • Risks associated with engaging with social tools
  • Listening to your customers, competitors and the marketplace
  • Designing, implementing and measuring social campaigns
  • Irish Case Studies
  • International Case Studies
  • How to measure effectiveness of social media campaigns

Digital Media Content Creation

  • How to set up, register, set-up and customise blogs
  • Enhancing your blog with widgets
  • How to create, distribute and promote podcasts
  • How to create, distribute and promote video content
  • How to use mobile content tools and integrate with web profiles
  • How to cross promote digital content on social media profiles
  • Understanding good Web Design principles
  • Identifying user experience principles that optimise the customer path
  • Web 2.0 Standards
  • Designing Clear Calls to action in order to activate your customers online

Online Sales Optimisation

  • Online sales optimisation real life case studies
  • How to analyse site information architecture to ensure no information blockages
  • How to Set conversion points and goals and track using analytics
  • Understanding how to implement A/B split and multi-variate testing programmes
  • How to optimise end to end online sales channels (e.g. ppc ->landing page ->funnel optimisation)
  • How to measuring channel and campaign effectiveness at granular level
  • Understand and learn to use key terms such as: Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), Average Transaction Value (ATV), Annual Revenue Per user (ARPU), Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), Cost Per Lead (CPL).


Digital Marketing Lecturer:
Keith Feighery
Linked In
Keith is a leading Digital Marketing Trainer and Digital Strategist with over 15 years developing digital marketing programmes ... Read more