Digital Strategy and Planning 1 Day Course

Who is this course for and what are its objectives:

  • This course is for marketers, PR, Sales and other business professionals who need to have a clear and structured digital marketing framework in order to both report on and execute digital marketing initiatives
  • Demonstrate to participants how to plan, design, create and execute a digital marketing plan
  • Show how to research a digital marketing programme online
  • How to develop digital personas that resonate with target audience
  • How to target specific channels and overlay with channel goals per persona
  • How to think strategically about content marketing initiatives that map on to buyer needs and journeys
  • How to create Key Performance Indicators for digital projects that provide insightful analytics into the health or otherwise of your digital programmes
  • Give participants practical examples of digital marketing channels using a mix of international and Irish case studies

Course Content:

  • Introduction to Digital Strategy and Planning Frameworks
  • Understanding the lifecycle of digital marketing programmes
  • Aligning Digital Strategy with Business Objectives
  • How to identify what your core digital objectives should be
  • How to define target Markets and creating digital personas
  • Understanding how best to reach target audiences digitally
  • Understanding online user behaviours/preferences and how these influence your digital content plan
  • How to create a content plan for your digital marketing initiative (and how to sustain over a long period of time)
  • Defining and Aligning Digital and Marketing KPIs
  • Defining key success factors
  • Identifying key stakeholders and how to present digital strategies to top management
  • Case studies of key tactical tools that digital marketers can leverage
  • How to measure digital marketing programmes
Digital Marketing Lecturer:
Keith Feighery
Linked In
Keith is a leading Digital Marketing Trainer and Digital Strategist with over 15 years developing digital marketing programmes ... Read more